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Off Movie Road in the Alabama Hills with my great Ford Flex which doubles as a wetplate darkbox.

2012 was am amazingly busy year – wonderful in every way. I spent a good portion of the winter in Virginia, where I was able to do a lot of shooting up on the Skyline Drive.  I drove across the United States with my wetplate gear and spent a week with five other women shooting big cameras in the desert.  I had another wonderful exhibition in Sweden, then came home and flew straight to New Orleans for portfolio reviews at PhotoNOLA. So many great people and images and experiences.
Getting it all written down is going to take a bit of time. . . .

Tom & I tell it like it is . . .

Okay, a little self-indulgence of a different sort today. Here’s some news from Sweden.

photo: Veronica Karlsson, Eskilstuna- Kuriren

It’s always an honor to exhibit with Tom Holmlund. Great artist, incredible musician,  and friend like few have known.  This is such a fun shot from one of the newspaper sessions. My gratitude to Veronica for sending it to us!

Still in Sweden, let’s take a little trip to Magnus Tannergren’s great blog, Reflektor (follow the link and click on lyssna)

Magnus met us at  Form & Färg Gallery in Eskilstuna about midway through the exhibition, I think. It’s a great podcast, and I really like the way Tom and I help each other illuminate more and more about our processes as we go along.  Left to my own devices, I’d have said  Duh, I dunno!

Magnus also gave me a fantastic Swedish lesson, thanks pal!