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mr moon


Crow Nude & Squash


Make that old squash. I think we have some quality control issues around here . . .

I was hoping that by today I would be able to start uploading daily prints with the notion of selling them inexpensively. So far, I’m still struggling with just trying to stay awake. You take pain meds, you fall asleep; you don’t take pain meds, you hurt. Last night I took half a dose, which means I was half asleep and had half as much pain all day. If you’ve ever had shingles, you know what I’m talking about. I digress.

Back to the daily prints — I realized today that I can’t do this until I start thrilling myself in the darkroom again. If it doesn’t make me gasp when I turn on the lights, how should I expect it to mean anything to anyone else?

So — onward! Tomorrow I’ll try again. I’m going to change the world, one six inch square at a time. . .
















This is from a very fun road trip I took to Virginia in late October. I try to concentrate less on minutiae when I’m far from home, since well, nothing really differentiates a lot of the Virginia minutiae from Maine minutiae, but still, this stopped me, and I had to bow before it and honor its presence.

Car Ride!!!



Nothing excites them more than going someplace new.

Lots of life changes for me right now — my gratitude to all those who have helped me along. In the next few days I’ll be unveiling a couple of print selling ideas that will make it easier for people to get affordable prints from me, and hopefully make it easier for me to pay my way in the world without having to do anyone elses’ work. Twenty years is a long time to be out in the public every day, and now I am just relaxing, remembering how to be healthy, to be who I am.

My own work excites me too much to want to leave it, even for an hour or two . . .

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It’s a process, a dialog, and all of you are as important to it as I am.


Happy New Year!