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bowl pear plate


An oldie — I’ve been busy with lith prints and liquid emulsions this week. I don’t get as much chance to keep this up to date as I’d like — but wanted to make sure that everyone knows how much I appreciate the continued support with the Daily Print project.

And also, if any readers don’t know about it — check it out, there’s a link on the top of the page.

Soon, soon, we will be picking pears once more . . .

Em breve, em breve, iremos escolher as pêras, mais uma vez. . .

(I just saw this in the Google-y translated Spanish version.)

leaf, nuns




It’s so incredible to have the time and energy to work with the Norma again. And then, of course, to have these big negatives to play with. Life is good!

little house


A couple days ago I was able to get out the Norma and do some large format shooting — it’s been months. I shot 4 sheets, and since I can develop 6 at a time, I was digging around in the darkroom to see if there were any other sheet film holders with exposed film in them. Low & behold, I found a whole huge bag of exposed holders, and in the bottom of that bag was a roll of 120.

I was so happy when I developed it this afternoon — one last roll from my trip to Sweden last Spring. And here is the little house way out in the woods in Strömsholm, such a magical place!

ain’t love grand?


Love & grain . . .

In Miro’s Garden


One of my all-time favorites. Sometimes magic happens.



A day of rest today, after quite a busy week. My thanks to all who made the first week of Daily Prints a success. There’ll be more fun next week, I promise. If you like the daily note, and know someone else who might enjoy it, pass it along! I am taking the day off today.

Special thanks to my constant friend & support of many years, Elizabeth, for sending me this beautiful ee cummings quote one day when I was trying to clarify the choice I made when I left my job:

I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.

exactly right.

Low Tide


It was my habit for many years to shoot a roll of film every single day. Looking back at the negatives, I’m astounded at how I remember each precise moment — what I saw, why I stopped and pointed the camera, how I felt when I tripped the shutter.

This one’s from 2003. I remember it well . . .



I little more down to earth today. I fiddled with getting an email announcement list going today for the Daily Prints.  If you’re not receiving it, sign up if you’d like to by following that link. If you are getting it and find it aggravating, please just cancel it.  You have to try harder than that if you want to hurt my feelings!