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Happy Family


mirror, mirror




Since I’m just starting out with the Weekly Offerings, I’m going to advertise this one here as well. Like it or think you know someone else who would? Feel free to use the Share This button below. Or, feel free to just look at it and marvel at the wonders of spring in Maine . . .

Snow Day II


This is the basset approach, as opposed to the beagle approach, pictured previously.

Snow Day


Laverne, supine


This is Laverne Brazzle, who lives at a wonderful place called House of Puddles . She is both beautiful and willing in the modeling department!

Something new

  I’ve added something new to the mix, prints that will be available weekly in small groups. This week I have a diptych up, and a couple of triptychs in the wings. So, check it out at your leisure.

As with the daily prints, a huge part of this is about getting prints into peoples’ hands without breaking the bank. I’ve even offered to mat & frame — and any of you who have seen the band aids and heard the swearing know well how much I love to frame . . .

Weekly Offering

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