Monthly Archives: June 2009

Tom & I tell it like it is . . .

Okay, a little self-indulgence of a different sort today. Here’s some news from Sweden.

photo: Veronica Karlsson, Eskilstuna- Kuriren

It’s always an honor to exhibit with Tom Holmlund. Great artist, incredible musician,  and friend like few have known.  This is such a fun shot from one of the newspaper sessions. My gratitude to Veronica for sending it to us!

Still in Sweden, let’s take a little trip to Magnus Tannergren’s great blog, Reflektor (follow the link and click on lyssna)

Magnus met us at  Form & Färg Gallery in Eskilstuna about midway through the exhibition, I think. It’s a great podcast, and I really like the way Tom and I help each other illuminate more and more about our processes as we go along.  Left to my own devices, I’d have said  Duh, I dunno!

Magnus also gave me a fantastic Swedish lesson, thanks pal!