These are simple daily observations and notes. Usually visual, but not always. For a more formal presentation, you might visit my website jeannewells.com.

No matter — if you stop by, please leave a note. I love hearing from people and always love seeing what other photographers are doing.

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  1. rick mobbs 19 September 2009

    Hey Jeanne,

    It has been a long, long time since Lesley and Boston. Nina sent me your link. She’s very excited about finding you. I am too, Especially as I have found myself thinking about you these last few days. Now here you are. Funny how life works that way sometimes.

    I’m living in NM now. Married, kids, thriving. Will write again. Website is rickmobbs.com

    Glad you are well and happy. Your work is wonderful!

  2. gamini 4 December 2007

    Stopped by your site following a link from Christian Hang’s…
    great black and white work…..

  3. Cezar Popescu 13 August 2007

    Dear Jeanne,
    You got yourself a big fan!

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